Tech Services

Pan, Tilt, Zoom Video
  • Videoconferencing – ¬†Focus Vision
  • Videostreaming – Focus Vision
  • MP3 digital audio
  • High speed Internet
  • Wireless & wired access in all rooms
Focus Group

While, in our opinion, nothing beats being there in person, AccuData Market Research and Video Conferencing Center offers the very latest in Video Services with Video Conferencing, Video Streaming and the latest in Video recording to help you prioritize the key points ready for immediate reporting.



Public Room

Our rooms are large to accommodate a dozen or more participants. We have separate quality audio and video systems to record your sessions. Plus we can provide a level of services other public rooms cannot or do not. Full secretarial services, and catering from snacks to full chef prepared meals is our standard mode of operation.

  • Live interactive¬†transmission¬†allows you 2-way video communication while the group is in progress.
  • Can show advertising, packaging and creative from remote locations, and even update it right while everybody is discussing it.
  • Interactive 2-Way video allows immediate exchange of ideas.
  • Groups can be viewed from multiple locations, allowing all levels of staff to participate and cross talk.
  • High quality “Real-Time” transmission, like network TV but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Compatible with Videoconferencing systems virtually anywhere in the world.
  • User-friendly turnkey system